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Revolutionary Laser Technology for the Building Products Industry

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One of our most exciting platforms is the building product industry. RevoLaze has developed and patented a continuous process using the highest power, highest speed laser in the business. Introducing the WORLD’S ONLY continuous, etch-on-the-fly" process for building products that can provide a unique aesthetic look and provide the following benefits:

* Patterns that expand and do not duplicate or repeat every few feet – a reoccurring problem with the current processes including embossing.
* Individual customization, which allows unlimited design opportunities.
* Infinite flexibility for designers through digital technology – any image can be converted to a laser-ready file within minutes.
* Ability to laser graphic images at high speeds, resulting in a low unit cost.
* Ease of changing from one graphic image pattern to the next.
* Unparalleled reliability – exhibiting a near 100% yield.
* No line of demarcation or repeat patterns

Composite Decking

Laser-Etched Wood Grains on Composite Decking With RevoLaze Technology

Residential & Industrial Fencing

Oak & Walnut Authentic Look Achieved with RevoLaze

Laser Applications on Stone, including Marble & Granite

Engrave on Stone Building Products in Seconds
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