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CarbonLaze Software - RevoLaze's Latest Breakthrough Innovation

CarbonLaze is an online software tool that provides users the opportunity to automatically convert hand sand production and authentically worn garments into laser ready files.

Simply take a picture of the garment, upload your image into CarbonLaze.com and select the area you want to convert to a laser ready file. After a few more steps, you will be able to download a file that normally takes several hours to manually draw in only a couple of minutes.

CarbonLaze Benefits

* Provides brands a more authentic and natural looking laser produced garment by picking up all the details (highs and lows) from the picture that are difficult to draw in Photoshop

* Decrease pattern creation time by 80% to nearly 100%

* Allows manufacturers the opportunity to save significant time while decreasing harmful practices

* Time savings are ideal for shorter production runs and high demand seasons

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Vintage Garment and CarbonLaze Comparison

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To start converting your photos into authentic looking laser files using CarbonLaze technology, please click here to visit the CarbonLaze website or contact the CarbonLaze team at info@carbonlaze.com

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