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How RevoLaze Enhances Garment Abrasion

Due to the environmental concerns and production limitations of alternative practices to abrade denim garments, laser etching has started to rapidly expand and has become the finishing method of choice for several of the world's leading denim brands and manufacturers.

It is our company’s mission to provide both brands and manufacturers the necessary design and training tools to optimize their usage. From pattern development through production, RevoLaze will work with your design and production teams to maximize laser etching time and workflow. RevoLaze proprietary LightLaze software decreases laser cycle time, maintains fabric tear and tensile strength and eliminates the need for Potassium Permanganate Spray and other harmful denim finishing chemicals. Our custom Photoshop filters are added to LightLaze files to provide textures to abrasion patterns, resulting in an authentic, worn look that can be used on any laser system.

RevoLaze also consults with our customers on the purchase of garment abrasion systems.

We welcome the opportunity to collaborate and help you reach your design and production potential! For more information, please contact us at info@revolaze.com or at 440-617-0502.

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