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Who We Are

RevoLaze is a US based technology firm dedicated to create and implement patented laser processes. With over 30 international patents granted, some of the biggest denim brands and manufacturers in the world license RevoLaze technology. For over 20 years, we have provided economic and environmental solutions to the textile industry through innovation. Our technologies help mills, manufacturers and denim brands lower overall cost, while increasing volume and design capabilities. These processes also reduce or eliminate various health hazards, such as hand sanding and PP spray.

Several of the leading denim brands and manufacturers work with RevoLaze to maximize their use of lasers from development through production.

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Recent News

RevoLaze Launches CarbonLaze

We are pleased to announce the launch of CarbonLaze, our latest breakthrough for the denim finishing industry. CarbonLaze is an online software tool that automatically converts garments into laser ready files. It will decrease pattern creation time from 85% to nearly 100% and allows denim laundries the opportunity to use laser technology to create more standards for their customers. Smaller orders of hand sand production runs can now be converted to laser. CarbonLaze also provides a more authentic and natural looking laser produced garment by picking up all of the details (highs and lows) from the picture that are difficult to get when hand drawing in Photoshop. The CarbonLaze files can also be modified in Photoshop so laser designers can add, lighten or darken areas. Since CarbonLaze files are *.bmp, they can be used on any laser system in the market.

To start converting your photographs today, please visit www.carbonlaze.com

For the official CarbonLaze Press Release on Denims & Jeans, please click here

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