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Who We Are

RevoLaze LLC is a US based technology firm dedicated to the creation and implementation of our patented laser scribing processes. For over 20 years, we have been on the forefront of innovation to provide economic and environmental solutions to the textile industry. Our technologies help mills, laundries, manufacturers and apparel brands realize significant cost reductions, throughput enhancement and design flexibility. These processes also result in the reduction and elimination of various health hazards associated with sand blasting, hand sanding and Potassium Permanganate spray.
The versatility of our revolutionary laser technology allows for lasers to etch patterns, graphics and textures into countless materials, including denim, cloth, leather, wood, wood composite and stone.

Recent News

RevoLaze Launches LightLaze

After an extensive research & developmental campaign, we have released our latest technical breakthrough, LightLaze, to the worldwide denim industry. LightLaze software converts multi-layer files into one single file without compromising design or quality with significant improvement in laser cycle time. With already over 50 users in 12 countries utilizing the LightLaze tool, laser designers and production managers are experiencing laser cycle time savings of up to 40% while maintaining more tear & tensile strength in each denim garment. Manufacturers are also achieving the brightness of Potassium Permanganate spray using only LightLaze laser files. In addition, LightLaze also provides our users the option of adding filters to achieve the authentic look of hand sanding, ring spun, cross hatch, enzyme, etc.

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Finished Garments using LightLaze Files without Potassium Permanganate Spray

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