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LightLaze Software - Increasing Laser Efficiency with 100% Eco-Friendly Technology

* Up to 40% Decrease in Laser Cycle Time
* Eliminates Potassium Permanganate Spray and other Harmful Denim Finishing Chemicals
* Optional Filters Provide Authentic Textures and Weaving Patterns
* 25% to 40% Fabric Maintenance in Tear & Tensile Strength

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Benefit #1 - Cycle Time Savings

* Decrease of up to 40% in laser cycle time, without losing any details
* The online software works on any laser system
* requires no laser booster or additional hardware

Benefit #2 - Elimination of PP Spray

* By adopting this software and modifying the wash technique, LightLaze leads to the elimination of Potassium Permanganate spray
* Eco-friendly and low cost alternative to PP spray with significant savings in water, chemicals and time
* No new equipment, software or chemicals are needed

Finished Garments using LightLaze without Potassium Permanganate Spray

*All photos and designs are property of SilverMoon Jeans

Benefit #3 - Authentic Filters

* Provides different texture and weaving patterns, such as enzyme wash, ring spun, hand sand and cross hatch
* No additional cycle time added to original laser file
* Once filter is added, the Photoshop file can still be adjusted and modified

Finished Garments using LightLaze Filters

Benefit #4 - Maintenance of Tear & Tensile Strength

* Fabric tear and tensile strength is maintained by 25%-40% with LightLaze
* Allows manufacturers to hit tear & tensile targets from their brands
* More fabric options now available for use with laser technology - leads to cost savings through the use of lower cost fabrics

To start converting your laser files to LightLaze technology, please click here to visit the LightLaze website or contact the LightLaze team at info@lightlaze.com

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