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Pre-Assembly on Cut Piece Denim

RevoLaze has invented patent-pending technology to laser etch on the cut denim piece. This results in several benefits to the denim manufacturer, including:

* Laser cycle time savings - due to reduction of processes associated with garment abrasion (Ex. garment rotation)
* Increases product offerings to be laser etched, including Jackets, shorts and skirts
* Elimination of any size restrictions associated with laser system mannequins
* A flat workspace on the denim roll provides access to entire surface area
* All laser etching now at the cut & sew facility
* More space created in dry processing area

Linear Applications on Denim Rolls

Wet & Dry Process Replacement

* Current washing process is time consuming, environmentally burdensome and costly.
* Worldwide concern on the environmental hazards and an interest to replace the current process with a low cost, eco-friendly alternative.
* Expensive loom-weaving processes such as ring spun denim are in high demand and there is a 2 year waiting period for new equipment.

RevoLaze Breakthrough

* Patented, digital laser technology is delivered and applied to textile roll goods up to 74-inches in an “etch-on-the-fly” continuous manner.
* Novel laser scribing technology shown to replicate ring spun and cross hatch patterns, as well as those obtained from stone / enzyme washing.
* A low cost, environmentally friendly alternative to standard wash techniques – only a simple rinse is now required.
* RevoLaze technology will lead to significant cost reduction and maximized productivity with near perfect yield.

Our technology allows to replicate or create any type of effect. For example, our unique software allows for brands and manufacturers to use basic, open-end denim to easily replicate the look of expensive loom weaving processes.

Laser-Only Ring Spun and Cross Hatch Effects

Unique Patterned Denim Applications

RevoLaze LLC owns patents on the laser etching technology for graphics and patterns on up to 74-inch denim roll goods.

Key benefits of our patented laser-etching process

* Current processes for creating patterns on denim severely limit production capabilities, require additional dyes and chemicals thereby increasing unit and labor costs.
* Industry is limited by technological constraints and software issues.
* RevoLaze LLC delivers our patented, digital laser technology on up to 74-inch textile roll goods in a “etch-on-the-fly” continuous manner.
* Significant cost savings through reduced labor, elimination of waste and near perfect yield.
* Proprietary software offers digital freedom and infinite flexibility for designers to create a variety of looks and unique designs to take advantage of both the high end and low end of the marketplace.

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