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What We Do

As the only independent research & development center for laser technology in the textile market, RevoLaze LLC is dedicated towards creating and implementing solutions to increase laser production and decrease hazardous waste and chemicals.

The Value of Working with RevoLaze

Aside from securing a license for a legal channel of trade in certain territories, partnering with RevoLaze has provided several benefits to industry leaders throughout the world. Every day, several of the leading brands and manufacturers work with RevoLaze to maximize their utilization of laser etching from development through production.

The benefits of a RevoLaze partnership include:

* Utilizing the LightLaze online software program to achieve a 100% Eco-Friendly and cost competitive solution to decrease laser cycle time and eliminate harmful Potassium Permanganate Spray
* Using proprietary filters to eliminate the need for hand-sanding touch ups, resulting in an authentic, worn look that can be used on any laser system in the market
* Optimizing laser designs to increase production time and workflow
* Consulting on new laser purchases
* Pattern Development

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